Boston Getaway-Hotel Commonwealth

wallyandteddycommonwealth.jpg                                                                       Photo Courtesy Hotel Commonwealth
While the temperature may be frigid thoughts of spring are entering the minds of even the hardiest of New Englanders. And we know that other than Maple Syrup…spring means baseball!
The Hotel Commonwealth offers rooms that overlook the Green Monster itself. My in-laws had the opportunity to stay here and take in a Red Sox game and they had a blast. The hotel staff was accommodating and helpful and they could walk to Fenway to watch the game.

9 sq[1]-1 (2)                                                                       Photo Courtesy Hotel Commonwealth
The Hotel Commonwealth is great place for families too. Why not plan a quick getaway to Boston for February Break? The annual Pajama Party with Terry the Bear will take place this February 20th. Overnight guests will pay a package rate for story time, a backpack filled with goodies, a pancake-making class and breakfast. A portion of the proceeds will benefit ReadBoston which is helping to ensure all children are reading at grade level by third grade.
When you leave be sure to make reservations for a game day! You won’t regret it!

bearsign                                                               Photo Courtesy Hotel Commonwealth


Back Yard Naturalists

terrariumIf your kids are like mine, they enjoy getting dirty and looking for critters. Their Dad can take the credit for being the naturalist of our family and I have learned along the way. The kids have become very intrigued with outdoor science and biology as a result of their ‘mini-lessons’ and family hikes.

Recently they have taken the initiative to create an outdoor terrarium to examine what life might take up residence there. They scraped a small area of earth and covered it with a piece of plywood. The result was magnificent!

salamander eggs

Within a few days a salamander appeared and they checked on her daily when they arrived home from school. Soon after small clumps of eggs were noted. Oh my were they excited! They examined the terrarium daily and soon noticed several baby ‘sallies’ had hatched.

I have heard it said that there is a diminishing population of Salamanders, but not in our yard.This is likely  due to the fact that we live in a wooded area of Connecticut and have never treated our yard with any type of pesticide. Of course this makes for a rather ugly lawn, but a healthy habitat for wildlife. There are many days I wish for a beautiful lawn, but this experiment has reinvigorated our commitment.


The egg cycle has repeated at least twice and currently we are on the third set of eggs. The next step will be to keep better records of eggs and births. Anyone with suggestions on how to keep the kids excited while making this process more scientific? What do you do to encourage a love for science and learning?